promo beer cupcakes with candied bacon

Beer Cupcakes with Candied Bacon Frosting

enough of New England thrift & sobriety; this winter needs bacon.

Shy Creme

Pinoli, Gloucester

- old world Italian interpreted with Cape Ann ingredients.

Go! - Julfest at Spiran Lodge, December 13th

Visit Rockport's Julfest next weekend, 12/13!

Remembering Marvin Roberts

Rhubarb and raspberry season will never be the same.

Try Pots Chowder

To honor the new year on the coast of massachusetts, a bit of the finest food writing ever.

About Heather

Unlike most of the world which thrives on tradition, I don't really like making the same thing twice. I return to a few recipes - pizzocheri, Tourteau Fromage, Asian noodle soups, butternut squash and sage lasagna, Nico and Amelia's smoked fish - but I get restless.

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About the Blog

Most of life comes down to dinner. Meals mark our lives - holidays, celebrations, the end of a day, even our travels. You may not be able to describe exactly how you felt about seeing the Smokey Mountains for the first time, but you could probably describe the taste of the Sorghum Molasses on biscuits you had there for breakfast.

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