Spiran Lodge #98 Nisu

Many people consider the Spiran version their favorite Nisu recipe; the dough is so flecked with cardamon it is almost amber.

Ricotta and Lemon Muffins

This is what lemons want to grow up to be.

Viva, Gloucester!

This past Saturday was truly a day to say Viva, Gloucester!

Cookbook writing.

Writing a cookbook, I visit jewel-ike old libraries and walk windy wharves, but there's often nothing at home for dinner.

"Dated" Thai Curry Butternut Squash Soup & iphone styling with John Carafoli

"A portion of the plate is all you may need to tell the story." - John Carafoli.

Corn Chowder from Chief Flying Eagle, lunch with Earl Mills, Sr.

The best corn chowder ever and why a lobster salad on a toasted hotdog roll is perfection, lessons from Chief Flying Eagle

About Heather

Unlike most of the world which thrives on tradition, I don't really like making the same thing twice. I return to a few recipes - pizzocheri, Tourteau Fromage, Asian noodle soups, butternut squash and sage lasagna, Nico and Amelia's smoked fish - but I get restless.

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About the Blog

Most of life comes down to dinner. Meals mark our lives - holidays, celebrations, the end of a day, even our travels. You may not be able to describe exactly how you felt about seeing the Smokey Mountains for the first time, but you could probably describe the taste of the Sorghum Molasses on biscuits you had there for breakfast.

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